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Hi folks, STD league

An owner has been hounding me for Barkley for most of the year. Its usually involved quantity over quality. Currently its Peterson and MMack for Barkley. Obviously he is trying to capitalize off their good showing. First of all Peterson has lasted much longer than I have expected. Should I expect same going forward or still be weary?  Im certainly rejecting this trade BUT he does have Hopkins and MThomas and I do need more consistent help at WR.

So I guess my question is should I not even be pondering trading Barkley but if I do should it include someone like Hopkins/Thomas.

My current RBS are Barkley/Howard/LMiller and Brieda. My current WR's are KAllen, Golladay, JBrown, Baldwin, Arob and Edelman


I'd still stick with what you have. Hopkins is great but you really don't need him and I really do not like Mack as it would significantly weaken your RB's.


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