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I was trying to acquire Sermon and Dillon, and I offered Singletary and Moss. I feel like Sermon is a good buy low right now, because everything seems terrible for him (but maybe it really is that bad?).

He rejected and countered with Sermon and Robert Woods for Singletary and Moss. What do you think? Singletary and Moss and looking more worth keeping after last week, but they're still Buffalo backs.

12-team, 20-man roster, full PPR, true dynasty, QRRWWFKD

My roster:

Hurts, Tua, Tyrod, (Fitz IR)

Mixon, Swift, Aaron Jones, Singletary+Moss, Gainwell, Ahmed, Dallas, Kylin Hill, (Etienne, Evans IR)

AJ Brown, Lamb, Godwin, Bryan Edwards, (Gallup, Bateman IR)

Hockenson (note that it's a 0-1 TE league)




I was actually just starting to think "Eh, it's wise to bounce it off others before jumping the gun, but I really think I like the offer and I don't want him to withdraw it, I might go ahead." Then I checked here one last time and saw this. Didn't need any more convincing and accepted it. Thanks for the advice, we'll see how it plays out in the long run!


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