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Trade Alshon and Mark Ingram for Zeke? (1 Viewer)


10 team PPR League.  Would you do this trade?  

MY WRs: OBJ, Davante Adams, Josh Gordon, Alshon

MY RBs: David Johnson, Chubb, Peterson, Drake, Ingram

Give: Alshon Jeffery and Mark Ingram

Get: Zeke

I like that trade assuming you have great confidence in Zeke. I like him over Ingram just in terms of sheer volume and his involvement in pass game. Alshon is a WR1 and playing like it. I would try Gordon/Ingram first just in the sense that Jeffery is seeing a huge target share and seeing the ball more than Gordon. I know Gordon is trending up and in a great environment too but think Jeffery is more established in that offense and playing really well of late. New England does have better schedule moving forward for WRs vs. Philadelphia and maybe they start passing more with Michel injured.


What are your starting requirements?  This puts a rather significant hit to your WR corps with only a marginal improvement at RB (where you have a strength already).  I probably don't make this deal but can see why you would do it.  It all boils down to the difference you see between Ingram and Zeke.  To me it is not the size of Jeffrey.

It’s a tough one for me to decide. I’ll try to counter with a different WR and see. 

We start 2RB, 2WR, 2 Flex


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