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Trade away Doug Baldwin for Chris Thompson or Dion Lewis? WHIR!!! (1 Viewer)


Play in a 10-team, 2 QB, .5 PPR league. Wondering if I should consider trading away Baldwin or sit tight at this point in time and wait for him to get healthy. I'm 1-0 to start the season.

My team:

QB: Rodgers, Goff, Tyrod

RB: Elliott, Jamaal Williams, T.J. Yeldon, Aaron Jones, Mark Ingram, James White

WR: Davante Adams, T.Y. Hilton, Doug Baldwin, Kenny Golladay

TE: Jared Cook (lost Delanie Walker to injury)

DEF: Rams; K: Zuerlein

Team with Thompson:

QB: Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Ryan Tannehill

RB: David Johnson, Kenyan Drake, Chris Thompson, Dion Lewis, Rex Burkhead

WR: Adam Theilen, Allen Robinson, Chris Hogan, Robert Woods

TE: Jack Doyle, Kyle Rudolph

DEF: Carolina; K: Butker

Feel like I'm "OK" at RB and can maybe get by for the next couple of weeks until Ingram returns but feel like a guy like Lewis or Thompson can thrive with our PPR scoring setup despite limited touches/RBBC. I am skeptical Baldwin can play to form at all this year with two hurting knees. Also keeping my eye on waivers for Chris Godwin (TB) and the return of Alshon Jeffery (originally drafted him but put him on waivers).

What say you, again - it's only one week of data -, but Thompson had 12 touches and Lewis had 24 (!). I suspect on a bad Titans team and likely facing much more negative game scripts, that it suits for more touches for Lewis. Not saying one is better than the other here because Thompson was a borderline RB1 in ppr last year before he got hurt, and Lewis was high-end RB2 playing for the Patriots no less.

Kenny Golladay is a solid back-up to your WR corps - especially when they're on bye week. Seems like he'll be WR2 in Detriot for sure, so you should be okay to part ways with Baldwin. I'd take Thompson for Baldwin because Thompson has more upside in PPR especially when he's targeted more by Smith who's gaining a rapport with Thompson. However, Lewis did have 8 targets - 5 of which he caught - but half the yardage than Thompson's 6 catches. When Ingram is back, you'll be set since Ingram does both but Thompson has more upside for PPR because of his ability to used more as a receiver. Also looking at Lewis' upcoming schedule, it seems that Lewis has a tougher schedule in the first half of the season whereas Thompson isn't facing defensive heavy teams as much.

Personally, do Baldwin for Thompson if that can happen. Back-up is clearly Baldwin for Lewis - Henry isn't going to dabble into Lewis' touches, highly doubt it. 

Overall I would prefer to have Lewis or Thompson (in that order) on my team over Baldwin, certainly in the short term at least.  I'd basically assume Baldwin is nothing for next 4 weeks, but could still put up very good numbers down the stretch.  His Bye is week 7 so that might give him an extra week to rest up.

One concern if you trade away Baldwin is you are down to 3 WR's, which is pretty thin.  Also if you're feeling pretty confident about making the playoffs, and if Baldwin does come back strong, you would be having that premium play down the stretch.  Also both Lewis and Thompson are smaller backs and can be injury prone, so that's another consideration.

I guess overall I think you are deeper at RB than at WR, so I wouldn't be looking to add an RB while dropping a WR.

Thanks for answering mine.


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