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Trade Breece? (1 Viewer)


16 team devy dynasty, TE premium, PPR, Superflex

Start 11 on offense, so 5 flex players weekly not counting the likely second QB

Guy in my league has been after Breece forever so he just sent me this:

I give : Breece Hall, Azeez Al-Shaair
I get : Travis Etienne, John Metchie, 2023 3rd

My current WR/RB roster:

RB = CMC, James Conner, Cam Akers, Breece Hall, 4 others
WR = Jerry Jeudy, Gabe Davis, Robert Woods, Isaiah McKenzie, Alec Pierce, Jahan Dotson, 3 others

I’ve asked about Metchie before and he’s after Breece. I’m likely a top 2-4 team but I know Breece’s value as well and curious if others find this fair or to back off.


as I look at this based on pure value (IMO), I am not doing this as I have Hall valued higher than the 3 I am getting back in return.


I dont think i would do it. I saw the steelers v jags in preseason, and etienne just didnt seem like much of anything. Jets are a mess, but seem to pointed in the right direction, they might be decent if they leave Flacco in rather than Wilson. To be honest, i drafted Hall 1.01 in our rookie draft, so I need to remain positive. :-)

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