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Trade comp for Miles Sanders in Dynasty. (1 Viewer)


Dynasty 0.5 PPR 12 team

So, my season has gone to crap, sitting at 2-7. I lost my starting QB (Trey Lance), RB (Javonte Williams), and WR (JaMarr Chase). I'm looking to next season's Rookie draft.

Another manager is pushing to make the playoffs and wants Miles Sanders from me. He gives me Tyrion-Davis Price, 2023 early 2nd (i know it is early because it is mine, lol) and a 2023 4th.
I feel like I should get more compensation. Was thinking of pushing for a future 3rd (maybe 2024) instead of the 2023 4th.

What's your thoughts on proper compensation?

My team is young and should be something in the next season or so
QB D Watson, T Lance
RB J Williams, K Herbert, D Montgomery, M Sanders, A Dillon, T Allgeier, I Pacheco, C Patterson
WR J Chase, C Olave, S Moore, C Claypool, M Gallup, D Bell.
TE K Pitts, D Njoku

Thanks everyone.

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