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Trade Conner? (1 Viewer)


With Bell coming back in 2 weeks and the Pitt bye next week, is this the last time to sell Conner with any value? I was offered Tevin Coleman and Amari Cooper today for him. I have Freeman so this will give me his cuff. Thoughts? TIA 

I don't know if it will be the last time you can get something for him, and there is a chance that Bell gets traded after he reports. If Philly was looking at Mccoy just think what how much they would want Bell. Still the Coleman handcuff is interesting, plus there is the possibility that Coleman gets traded that would give you two starting RB's. I'd lean towards doing the trade.

I would lean towards doing the trade but would want anybody else besides Cooper as the throw in.   He is a roster clogging piece of poo. 

I would agree with Gally. The handcuff is a plus, but Cooper is so hit or miss, how could you start him. You are basically giving up Conner for a handcuff and WR3. Maybe Cooper comes on late, but Conner has more value IMHO than Cooper. Coleman also seems to function better in a backup or complementary role than a starter. I think Conner will continue to show value. Bell will not be in game shape most likely and is susceptible to injury starting the season this late. I would either hold him or at least shoot for a low-end WR1 with his value. 

I'd want more than this. Cooper is barely usable, and Coleman is just a handcuff. Conner is worth more than this.

Tough call. You are right there is a very real chance that this is the last opportunity to get something, anything for Conner. While all of the above comments are valid, only you can decide whether or not to risk holding an empty bag. Ben was lobbying for an RBBC should Bell return. The chances of a Bell trade are hampered by other teams' willingness to spend all their cap space on him. That would further reduce the value of their offer to the Steelers. Remember that if Bell walks, the Steelers will get a third round comp pick in 2020. That might lead them to demand more than a trading partner can offer. IMO, too many signs point to Bell staying with the Steelers for the rest of the year and remaining in an RBBC.

Sweeten/change the deal if you can, but in the end, make a deal of some kind


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