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Trade Consideration: A Brown - D Henry for Mixon - Godwin or Landry (1 Viewer)


Have a team that would like to unload Brown... would you do Brown - Henry for Mixon - Godwin or Landry?

12 team standard scoring dynasty (with contracts)... in this offer, contracts not an issue.  Start 1 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 1flex - 1 - 1.

Currently has: 

WR: Brown, Evans, Allen, A Robinson, Funchess, Enunwa (need to move or drop), D Thomas (will drop for contract purposes)
RB:  McCaffrey, Freeman, Henry, Peterson, McGuire

Contracts may not be an issue but they may increase the value on one side or the other.  How long can you keep Mixon if you acquire him?  How long is AB's contract for? What about Henry's contract length?

In general I think this is selling a bit low because I think Henry has some value.  I really like Mixon but the WR's you would be getting are not good enough for me to make this deal.  If this was a PPR I might have a different opinion since Landry's value goes up for PPR. 

I think I hold at this point unless I could get an improvement at WR from those being offered. 

Signing contracts is based on years of signing a player.  We have a maximum signing cap of 60 years for up to 22 players.  Brown can be kept for 2 more years and Henry can be signed to 3 years for the upcoming year.  Mixon's contract can start at 1 this new year, then can be resigned for a minimum of +2 or more, usually owners do +2, but a few have done +3.  Landry is at 3 years, Godwin can start at 1, then has the same options as Mixon.    

It was a thought... My son runs this team, and we both thought to move Brown and save the headache.  Thanks Gally, really do appreciate your insights.   

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No need to trade Brown just yet, and I agree with Gally that this is a bit low right now. 

Brown should be trade this week, and depending on his landing spot his value could jump a lot. I might even wait until camp and the first highlights of Brown catching something ridiculous emerge. Camp hype should help you, but depending on landing spot I would sell Brown before the season. Mixon plus a better WR would do it for me, but I think you can get that better WR by waiting. 

If projected going to Buffalo, kills his value...    Well, Buffalo out of the mix.

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