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Trade Devonta & Collins for Mixon or Cook? (1 Viewer)


Redraft league, RB's are David Johnson, James Conner, Devonta Freeman, Alex Collins, and Matt Breida - can start 3 RB's

Here are my thoughts...

David Johnson - I am a firm believer in "always start your studs", so he will always be in my lineup, no matter how bad of a matchup he has.  He really has only put up 1 dud game so far.

James Conner - I am not worried about Bell returning, as I don't think he will play as a Steeler this year.  By sheer volume he is also another must start, unless something changes.

Devonta Freeman - I have been lucky enough (thanks to Conner) to do without him through his injury.  I started Collins a few times in the flex, and a few WR's too.

Alex Collins - Has been pretty TD dependent, and I am not happy with his volume.  He is his own worst enemy with his fumbles, but he does hold trade value to a RB-weak team.

Matt Breida - Just scooped him up when another owner had to drop him.  I dropped Peyton Barber for him.  Assuming he gets healthy soon, I think he will start getting the bulk over Morris, and the split will get bigger as the season goes on.  I wasn't gonna start Barber anyway, and would prefer a guy with a higher ceiling.

Anyway, I would really like to have a third RB to put in the flex with confidence.  I just have this gut feeling that Freeman, even when he gets healthy, will not get the volume of an every-down RB.  Mixon and Cook are 3-down RB's when healthy, although I would prefer Mixon, as he is much healthier.  Also, it seems Cook's injuries are nagging him.  That said, do you think offering Freeman and Collins for Mixon is a wise choice?  Is it too much, or too little?  I need opinions without the bias I may have for the players in question.  TIA



I think it might be a little rich but if you can get a second piece thrown in or if there is someone on waivers that you can add that will help you then I would go for Mixon.



At face value, this is probably a fair trade. This is really a matter of how everyone is used going forward and Mixon is most likely the best guy here. That being said, my preference is to have RB depth and play the matchups each week so I wouldn't do this. Maybe Freeman + and extra WR if I can spare it. IMO Freeman and Collins both have potential to bounce back. Sorry if this isn't incredibly helpful but I like to present all angles.



I’d do it if you can.  Get the best player.  I think you’re right about freeman and I don’t think Collins is who we thought he was. 


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