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Trade E. Sanders for Richardson, Tre'Quan Smith? (1 Viewer)


I’ve been offered Paul Richardson and Tre’Quan Smith in return for Emmanuel Sanders. I’m tempted because Sanders is starting to get a little long in the tooth, but should have a decent year with a new QB in the fold. Richardson may or may not prove out as a WR1 in Washington, but Smith could have a nice future in New Orleans. My other receivers are T.Y. Hilton, Tyreek Hill, T Lockett, J Ross, M Wallace, Christian Kirk, B. Zylstra and B. Perriman. I would probably cut Perriman if I make the trade. Should I accept or reject? 



your going to start hilton (assuming luck is healthy) and Hill, and if your league has flex or start 3+ at wr then richardson is as good an option for me as sanders. both are in the 3rd starting spot for you, and open to change each week for Ross, kirk, etc. If you believe in richardson more than sanders, make the trade. 



I would make this move. I don't think the loss of Sanders will hurt that much and you could get lucky with Smith, who I like.



If you like Richardson more than Sanders do it.  If you don't then don't do it.  Both are fairly equal in my eyes and I really wouldn't have an issue with either decision.


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