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Trade for Dalvin Cook? (1 Viewer)


14 team PPR, 4 bench spots.

Would you trade Jordan Howard for Dalvin Cook? I am and will continue to start Michel/White as my two starters but am not playing Howaed right now bc of how bad he's been.

Thanks! My thinking was that Cook could be big down stretch and Howard just seems to be getting worse. Doesn't hurt that the guy that has Cook drafted Gordon and Devonta too.

You might want to hold now that Michel looks to have had a bad knee injury.  I still think I would pull the trigger as Cook seems to be close to returning but not having Michel leaves you thin at the position and adding an injury prone guy might be tough on you.  It's about your risk aversion. 

I also own Jordan Howard and would take the risk and trade him for Cook in a second because Howard has been so bad.  The way I look at it Howard won't win your league, but if Cook gets well, he might.


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