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Trade for Javonte Williams? (1 Viewer)


12-team dynasty, 20 player with 5 IR slots, PPR, start QRRWWFKD. 7 team playoffs.

QB: Hurts, Tua, Pickett
RB: Swift, Mixon, A. Jones, Etienne+Robinson, Sermon
WR: AJ Brown, Lamb, Godwin, Wilson+Moore, Jameson Williams, Bateman, Alec Pierce, Renfrow, Bell

My team was "projected" to be right among the top teams pre-season. Now I'm 1-4, but still middle of the pack in points scored. FantasyPros still has my team projected #1 ROS. But last week was really bad, and kind of starting to question that ROS status, especially since I'm getting to that point where I really need the W's to outnumber the L's the rest of my schedule. If I go 5-4 ROS, I should have a pretty good shot to get in. But is 5-4 going to happen...? Anyway ... Here is what I'm pondering on.

The Javonte Williams owner (who is reigning champ and 3-2) has Najee Harris, C. Patterson, Conner, Edmonds, and Murray as the rest of his RB room. All either injured or largely disappointing.

Should I offer him Aaron Jones for Javonte? I feel like this could be Aaron Jones' last potentially very-good season, mostly based just on history of RB age-performance. Some people are very, very low of Javonte now. Would you even want that, if you were him? Or would you even do that if you were me? I'm leaning toward "if I hit 1-5, throw it out there". Any input?

Link me your question and I'll do my best!


I have worries about Javonte coming back to full strength next year as the word is he did a lot more damage than just the ACL. So next year could end up being a lost year also. That is my big worry. I don't think it's a bad trade for the future however it comes with risk as this is more than a typical ACL injury. If you are fine with that then go for it. I might try and get another piece as well since it looks like that guy needs a RB so may pay a bit more.

football fan

Recently I traded away Aaron Jones and DJ Moore for Garrett Wilson in a dynasty league, and I am still very happy with the future value in that trade, so in theory, I fully agree with your general logic in this trade situation. Unfortunately, I agree with Gally, there is so much risk involved acquiring Williams for Jones that I would look for other deals before I offer or pull the trigger on this deal. I also read the damage to William's knee is not simply the ACL. William's complete injury just makes me squeamish in considering to deal for him. I am not saying to not do the deal, I am just saying that a complete and full recovery where Williams regains his pre-injury form is a definite risk, that I am not sure that I would like.

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