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Trade for Kittle? (1 Viewer)


Our league is a half PPR, 6 keeper (QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE) with dynasty-like keeper rules (keep the player as long as you want with no round penalty)

The guy who owns Kittle got decimated in week 1 with injuries (Kittle, Mack, Conner, and potentially even Lindsay) and he's razor thin now at RB. We've started to chat this morning about Kittle but I'm a little worried he might ask for too much. I'm trying to figure out something fair on both ends keeping the keepers above in mind since I feel like I'm in a pretty darn good place overall there year to year now.

Me (presumed Keepers)

QB: K. Murray, K. Cousins, T. Tagovailoa
RB: S. Barkley, C. Edwards-Helaire, L. Fournette, T. Cohen, N. Hines, J. Robinson, B. Hill
WR: M. Thomas, J. Smith-Schuster, C. Lamb, C. Kirk, B. Perriman, S. Sims, V. Jefferson, M. Pittman, B. Aiyuk
TE: D. Waller, T. Higbee, Irv Smith, L. Thomas


QB; D. Watson, J. Garoppolo, T. Bridgewater
RB:J. Connor, M. Mack, S. Michel, J. Kelley, P. Lindsay, A. Gibson, J. Samuels, T. Montgomery
WR: A. Robinson, D. Metcalf, K. Allen, M. Hardman, M. Valdes-Scantling, K. Hamler, L. Shenault, D. Duvernay, C. Claypool
TE: G. Kittle, E. Ebron

I tested the waters with Waller + Hines for Kittle. He noted he's torn because he needs a lot of help this year but ideally wants more of an RB1. See any mutually beneficial deals I'm not seeing? I'd have a hard time giving up Barkley or Clyde in a package for Kittle but am I wrong?



Well we made the deal after a little back and forth. He initially wanted Thomas as part of the deal but I didn't feel like it was worth it if it'd cost me him (esp given our Dynasty rules).

Worked this out : Darren Waller + Nyheim Hines + James Robinson for George Kittle

Short term my WR are a little thin with Thomas' injury but I can absorb the RB hit pretty easily from a keeper and depth perspective. I also see Gaskin on our WW still so I can fill in with someone with at least potential too.


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