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Trade for Mahomes? (1 Viewer)


10 team ppr league all tds worth six points.  Players picked round ten and later can be kept forever.

I feel like Mahomes might be the real deal and he is keeper eligible.  The Mahomes owner also has Brady, Dalton, and Josh Allen.

Obviously I'd have to give up something to get Mahomes.  I'm not really looking for suggestions of who to offer, just wondering whether or not I should make an attempt at grabbing him or just sick with Garoppolo, Darnold.


QB Garoppolo, Darnold (both keepers)

RB Elliott, Drake, Ingram, Kerryon Johnson, Cohen, Ekeler, Richard

WR Allen, Landry, Enunwa, Cooper, Goodwin, Funchess, Hogan

TE Gronkowski

K Lutz

Def Chargers

I dont think I would do it. Even though mahomes looks more electrifying, I think Jimmy G and now after last week Darnold could turn into something special l. 

Looking at your team I don't think I'd want to trade anything just yet. Unless you are willing to get rid of cooper lol. Imo I think he is not going to a wr1 anymore


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