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Trade for QB? (1 Viewer)

Minnesota Strong

I'm sitting in a league with Ekeler, Elliott, and Gibson with Hines on the bench.  My receivers are Thielen and Lockett with Antonio Brown on the bench.  But I'm pretty much streaming QB and TE right now with none inside the consensus top 12.  It's a PPR 12 man league with standard spots. 1 QB, 2 RBs and WRs, 1 Flex, etc.

What sort of tier QB and maybe a backend RB2 would be worth trading Ekeler or Gibson?  Or do I stick with what I've got and try to keep streaming?

Not sure there's much interest from those with the top 6 QBs.  But somewhere around Hurts and Herbert may have some options.



I love the streaming QB/TE strategy. I think as you stream and as you get to week 3 you can ID the breakout QB candidates that were undrafted, in year's past it was Justin Herbert., Lamar Jackson. So he's prolly still sitting on your WW right now.

I don't think you need to trade, but I would suggest trading for a QB if you are 0-2/0-3 and don't really have planned who to start if QBs are scarce, I doubt they are in a 1QB league. 

Remember streaming most often works if you are diligent and research matchups ad can ID QB play. If you are not looking at free agents or are stressed at QB always making you lose maybe it is best you trade for one.  



You should be able to get a top 5 QB for Ekeler or Gibson but I am not sure if it is worth it depending on your choices for streaming.

There were a lot of injuries this weekend so there may be opportunity to find a potential starting caliber QB.  Without knowing what's available it's tough to give proper advice


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