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Trade for Thielen: Dynasty offer! WHIR! (1 Viewer)

Trade M. Williams, 2.04, 2.08 for Thielen?

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12 team 0.5 PPR, dynasty league.

Was offered:
I give: M. Williams, 2.04, 2.08
I get: A. Thielen

Yes, I really need WRs but I think this is giving up too much. I'm currently on the clock with the draft having gone as below. I'd probably be looking at Goedert here.

Would love to hear if you'd make this trade and if not, what might you offer as a counter. Maybe a TE which I need to or just different/lower picks? Note I also have the 3.04 pick.

Details below. Thanks so much!  

My team:
QBs: A. Rodgers, E. Manning, R. Fitzpatrick
RBs: D. Johnson , A. Collins, L. Miller, M. Lynch, J, Richard, T. Cohen, M. Mack, S. Barkley (R), D. Guice (R)
WRs: A. Robinson, J. Doctson, D. Funchess, T. Ginn,  S. Shepard, M. Sanu, M. Williams. M. Hollins, A. Miller (R)
TEs: J. Doyle, A. Shaheen, B. Watson

His team:
QBs: Foles, Wentz, Wilson
RBs: Kamara, Hunt, Freeman (R)
WRs: Hill, Moncrief, Thielen
TEs: Njoku, Olsen, Sefarian-Jenkins

Rookie draft so far:
1.01: Barkley (Me)
1.02: Chubb
1.03 Freeman
1.04 Michel
1.05 Penny
1.06 Guice (Me)
1.07 Johnson
1.08 Moore
1.09 Ridley
1.10 Sutton
1.11 Jones
1.12 Krik
2.01 Miller (Me)
2.02 Gallup
2.03 James

It's totally worth the gamble that Thielen isn't hurt too bad given your depth. The other team is in rebuilding mode, you aren't. Give him a injury prone WR that will probably be a WR2 at best and two picks and take a potential WR1.


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