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Trade Freeman or Gronk? Or Neither? (1 Viewer)


12 Team Keeper League, can keep 4 players indefinitely at no cost in subsequent year's draft. We start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, Flex, Flex, D/ST. Standard Scoring - non-PPR

I had Garappolo and Alex Smith as my 2 QB's - we all know how this has turned out. I'm starting Tannehill this week off of waivers.

A guy in my league has approached me this morning offering 2 trades:

1) I receive Goff and Lamar Miller; he gets Devonta Freeman OR

2) I receive Goff and Kittle; he gets Gronk

I realize he's trying to capitalize on Goff's huge stats last night, but I do need QB help. Freeman and Gronk were 2 of my 4 keepers and Goff, Miller, and Kittle will likely not be keepers next season. I am concerned about Gronk retiring after the season - in which case I will get nothing in return for him and still be down a keeper for next year. I am also concerned about Freeman next year because Coleman has looked like a more than adequate replacement, Freeman is often injured, and he has a large contract that the Falcons might want to walk away from in the off-season.

Should I make any of these deals?  



I would accept the Freeman deal easily.  I am not sold Freeman will be back to 100% and it will be more of a time share once he comes back.  I don't think Goff was a fluke last night and that is a huge improvement over what you have at QB.  I make that deal. 


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