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Trade Help - Hopkins for Theilen & Jav Allen? (1 Viewer)


Looking for some advice on a trade that got offered to me. 

League details are: 12 team, 1 pt ppr, bonuses for 100+ and 200+ receiving/rushing yards, normal scoring besides that, 1 keeper in auction setting based on prior years draft price

My Team:

  • QB: Stafford
  • RB: Melvin Gordon, Matt Breida, Alfred Morris, Mark Ingram, Jav Allen, Austin Ekeler, Ronald Jones
  • WR: Keenan Allen, Adam Thielen, Cooper Kupp, Desean Jackson, Jamison Crowder, Brandon Marshall, 
  • TE: Travis Kelce
  • K: Streaming
  • D: Streaming
Another team offered me Hopkins for Thielen & Jav Allen, after I initially offered him Keenan Allen & Jav Allen for Hopkins.  From a value standpoint, I think it'll end up being about the same, I would have preferred to trade Keenan just due to already having Melvin and also Rivers developing more of a rapport with Mike Williams, but I still think I am leaning towards pulling the trigger on Thielen & Jav Allen for Hopkins.  Keeper aspect of the league shouldnt play much of a roll here, I have Melvin next year at a $33 price tag from years past.

What do you guys think, do you pull the trigger on that one and feel good about it?  Any concerns?

I have Hopkins and to me, it feels like Watson is developing more of a rapport with Fuller.  From a value standpoint I think he's the better option, although Hopkins will always get his looks.  I also have Alex Collins, and from a PPR standpoint, I'd rather have Allen.  I know this may not help with your decision, but I'm just proposing that you don't undervalue Allen and over-value Hopkins.  


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