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Trade Help! (Maybe for Melvin Gordon!) (1 Viewer)


Non-PPR Standard Scoring, 12 team, QB/2 WR/2 RB/Flex/DST/K

MY TEAM: QB: Goff, Luck | RB: Bell, Conner, Howard, Ekeler | WR: Hilton, A Cooper, Fuller, Watkins, Funchess, M Williams | TE: Reed | DST: Chargers | K: Parker

TEAM B: QB: Trubisky, Fitzpatrick | RB: Gordon, Coleman, K Johnson, L Murray, J Williama, Sproles | WR: Julio, Kupp, Baldwin, Sanders | DST: Ravens | K: Bailey

Story: Fitzmagic is now Fitztragic being benched for Winston. Trubisky is on bye. This man needs a QB and is interested in Andrew Luck. I'm fine shipping Luck off and streaming a QB during the late bye for Goff. Should I make a big move for Gordon throwing in Luck and Howard? Or attempt this another way?

Will help in return, drop a link. Thanks!

You can try but I can't possibly imagine he trades you Gordon for Luck straight up. If he wants more throw in any of your WR's. Personally I think Kerryon for Luck is a fairer trade but if you can rip him off go for it.


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