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Trade help! WHIR (1 Viewer)


10  Team, 1 pt PPR, Lineup: 1 QB / 3 WR / 2 RB / 1 TE / 1 Flex / 1 DST / 1 K / 6 Bench
Someone wants to trade my Ajayi, anyone on this person's team is up for grabs EXCEPT Hopkins/Juju/Fournette/Drake

My Team:

QB: Newton, Smith ||| WR: D Thomas, Cooks, Fuller, Ginn Jr, Garcon, Dorsett ||| RB: Gurley, Freeman, Ajayi*, Thompson* 
TE: Ebron, Dissly ||| DST: Vikings ||| K: Gould

* - I was offered Thompson & Ajayi for Davante Adams in another trade. I took the trade primarily for the reason of Rodgers having issues with that knee and if he were to get hit hard against the Vikings, he may go out. And at the time, some random shoulder issue came up for Adams. AND I needed some depth at the RB since I was running Gurley/Freeman which a not so great RB depth. For the time being, I think the trade was even because Ajayi sat at my starting (since Freeman was out) and Thompson in the flex - Ajayi did go out with some sort of injury but came back and got me a few points but Thompson is killing it for me. Also, I also took it for possible future trade help (like now).

His Team:

QB: Fitzpatrick, Stafford |||  WR: Hopkins*, Juju*, Robinson, Funchess ||| RB: Fournette*, Drake*, Michael, Ekeler, Yeldon
TE: Graham, Reed ||| DST: Houston ||| K: Bryant

* - the players that are excluded from trading.

In all honesty, the only player I'd like from the available are probably Robinson/Ekeler. What are your thoughts? Do a trade or look elsewhere? What do you think my weaknesses are as well!

Leave a link and I'll reply to your question too.

I would package Smith, Dorsett and Ajayi for Fitzmagic, Sony and Robinson. Chances are he'll want a better WR but throw it out there and see if he counters. I am really high on Fitzmagic as he has never had the caliber of WR's he has now and as long as he is hot he will win you weeks. Sony is clearly taking over in New England and can turn into a 3 down back and Robinson is a huge portion of Chicago's offense.


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