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Standard 10 Team - 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 Flex (WR/RB/TE), 1 Def, 1 K

My team: 4-5

QB: Goff, Luck

RB: Bell, DJ, Howard, L Murray, Ekeler

WR: Hilton, Cooks, Funchess, Dez, Harris (WR)

TE: Olsen, Engram | Def: Chargers | K: Zurlein

Other Team: 7-2

QB: Manning, Watson

RB: Kamara, Chubb, Cohen, Miller D Lewis

WR: Hill, Landry, AJ Green, J Ross

TE: Njoku, Uzomah | Def: Bears | K: Gould

I made it known that I'm willing to shop one of my QBs. He offered me Watson, Miller and Landry for my Luck and Hilton.

Now, looking at Miller, I'm not sure how I feel on him having only two good games. Landry is eh. Watson would be a decent back up to Goff on his bye week. What do you guys think? Swap Miller for Cohen, Landry for someone else? Not sure if I should counter with or what.

Thanks, leave a link for me to reply too.

That is a terrible trade for you and I don't think there is really a realistic trade with this partner.  There really isn't a good combo based on starting requirements and players involved.  Maybe something like Chubb and Lewis for Luck?  That gives you protection on Bell not coming back and maybe flip Howard for some WR help elsewhere. 

I just don't like giving up that combo without really improving in some way.  This trade doesn't improve you at all.

I'm going to disagree with Gally here. I like this deal, maybe I'm not high enough on Luck/Hilton, but I think Luck peaked already. He's done throwing 50 times a game, their o-line has gelled and the running game has taken off. This offense is balanced now, and that is bad news for Luck and Hilton. I see no reason not to make the deal. You are getting Lamar Miller for free in my opinion. I don't see Luck to Watson or Hilton to Landry as downgrades going forward.

Thanks both of you, gave me a good sense on both sides of the trade (yes and no). I personally did not do the trade and happy I didn't since Miller came back to earth after those two 100+ yard games. Hilton on the other hand only got me 7 points so it was more of an "eh" from him. Also, he didn't budge on changing the trade so I moved on and attempting to shop HIlton/Luck and other players elsewhere.

Thanks again guys.


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