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10 team league - (10 pt/ pass, 5 pts per yd rec. & rush, .5 ppr. 6 pts all td's)

Roster - QB - Big Ben, Winston / RB - M Gordon, M Fournette, M Ingram, P Barber, Ekeler / WR - Thielen, Evans, Shepard, K Coutee / TE - Olsen, Reed, Ebron

I have been offered Landry for Ekeler.     Currently 6-0

On one hand it looks like an easy choice as I could use to bolster my WR core.  But so hard to give up my Insurance Policy for Gordon.  My gut reaction was no to the trade but as I look a little closer I might have a pretty solid RB core even if Gordon goes down (assuming I get Fournette back around week 10 I should still be ok).

I am so on the fence with this one.

Please help.

I would probably hold on Ekeler. RBs are at a premium and I really don't see a huge difference between Landry and Shepard. If Gordon goes down, Ekeler could be more productive than Gordon. Ekeler has been productive even with a couple touches a game. Not sure I would do this trade. 


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