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Should I trade Gus Edwards and Dion Lewis for Austin Ekeler (12 man PPR, 8 man playoffs 14-15-16)? My main running backs right now are Marlon Mack, Phillip Lindsay, and Matt Breida, and am right now looking for a fringe RB1 for the playoffs who can get without giving up any of my main players (WR: Michael Thomas, Juju, Robert Woods TE: Kittle, Olsen). Obviously Ekeler’s value depends on how long Gordon is out but if he doesn’t come back until after week 15 I think this trade would be worth it.



I would rather have Edwards and Lewis for the rest of the year than just Ekeler.  In the game Ekeler had to himself he wasn't as effective and I have some worry about Justin Jackson taking touches to keep Ekeler fresh. 

Edwards should be a fringe RB1 as long as Lamar is behind center.  He is the guy you are looking for. 



I'd keep Edwards. You have no idea how long Gordon will be out. It could work out but if he is back in week 15 or 16 you are screwed.



I'd definitely keep Edwards. Gordon might only miss 2 weeks.  Even if Gordon misses more than that, I'd rather have Edwards than Ekeler.  Lewis is just bonus bench depth. 


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