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Trade Julio for Gronk - WHIR (1 Viewer)


12 team H2H league (ESPN) - standard scoring (not PPR)

Currently 2-1 (6th place - low total points)

My team:

RB - Alex Collins, Kenyan Drake, Aaron Jones, Peyton Barber
WR - Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr., Emmanuel Sanders, Julian Edelman, Chris Godwin

TE - O.J. Howard

Other team:

RB - David Johnson, James White, Derrick Henry
WR - Jarvis Landry, Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, Larry Fitzgerald, Devin Funchess, Devante Parker, Danny Amendola

TE - Rob Gronkowski

The other owner has been asking for an upgrade at WR. This is the first trade that comes to mind. Thoughts on this trade as reasonable and for me long-term?

Give - Julio Jones / Kenyan Drake

Get - Rob Gronkowski / David Johnson

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Assuming you don't have to start 4 WRs each week, I would say yes to this deal.  I'm not a Julio truther, he's just far too inconsistent to me to be an uber-elite WR.  Not saying he's not a WR1, but he's more WR7-10 than WR 4 to me.  You have enough WR depth to handle losing him, but I would make this trade more for the opportunity to buy David Johnson than Gronk.  You don't need to sell Julio to get Gronk, bc Howard is a mid-TE1 and Gronk isn't putting up the numbers so far.  

This deal will depend on if the other owner sticks to draft day prices or not.  On draft day this trade would be WR4 + RB12 for TE1 + RB4, and he'd be paying a lot. In reality it's much more fair, as all 4 players involved are under performing their draft day prices. 

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Absolutely.  You've got good other options to play at RB.  David Johnson will be fine and Gronk can win your team the week pretty often with all the other dumpster fire options at TE right now.


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