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Trade Larry Johnson for G Wilson and W Dunn (1 Viewer)


Ok My league starts 1 qb, 2rb,3wr,1 te, 1 kicker, 3 dl's,4 lb's 2 safeties, and 2 cornersTeamQB. Kerry Collins,Byron Leftwich,Brian GrieseRb. Julious Jones,Domanick Davis,Larry Johnson,Tj Duckett,A Train,Vernand MorencyWr. Randy Moss,Reggie Wayne,Donald Driver,Bobby Engram,Brandon Lloyd,Troy WilliamsonTe. L.J Smith,Jeramy StevensK. Jeff ReedDL'sCharles Grant,Darren Howard,James HallLB's London Fletcher,Derrik Brooks,Edgerton Hartwell,Derrik Smith,Danny Clark,Jason BabinSafetiesRodney Harrison,Dwight SmithCornersDunta Robinson,Shawn SpringsHow do you guys think my team rates.. Also I just made a deal of giving up Terrel Suggs and Tom Brady For Kerry Collins and James Hall...... Also Theres a guy who wants to trade me Warrick Dunn and Gibril Wilson for Larry Johnson

The Johnson trade would be a bad trade and the Brady/Suggs trade you made is a bad trade.

Don't trade LJ for that.
First of all I traded Suggs and Brady for James Hall and Collins.. The diff between Suggs and Hall are like 2 points.... it's no big deal .. I wanted to go for Collisn since I think his upside is far greater than Brady.. Now I was thinking of doing this Trading L.J Smith and Larry Johnson for Gibril Wilson and Randy Mcmichael.. What do you guys think...

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