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trade M. williams for Bell? (1 Viewer)


Someone in my league offered me Bell for Mike Williams. We are in a keeper league with 2 keepers each year and since I drafted williams for only $2 he can be kept for a low contract price moving forward, making him very valuable in our league.  my team is stacked already in a 12 team ppr but bell if he did anything this year could lock up a championship- my roster is big ben/watson, saquon, DJ, chris thompson, michael thomas, keenan, rudolph- where we start 1 qb 1 rb 1wr 1 te and 3 rb/wr/te

the other option is i hold onto him as a keenan handcuff and maybe keeper next year..  

What is Bell's cost to keep?  Would Williams really be a keeper over the guys you currently have?  I would rather have Saquon, Thomas, Keenan, DJ, and Bell over Williams for keeper status unless there is some huge reason not to.  Usually with keeper leagues with that few keepers I go with the best players rather than the best deals.  You aren't taking a lot of your roster with you so getting the best player is usually the best idea.


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