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Trade Mahomes for Cam Newton and Julio Jones? (1 Viewer)


Standard 12 team league... pass TDs are worth 4pts. Need to cover my week 12 bye and improve... only QBs available for pickup are Manning, Mayfield, Beathard. Despite the turmoil Mayfield has a decent 3-4 game schedule. Manning has the Eagles week 12. I'm looking for other trades to improve starters which after the one above would likely package a combination of RB/WR or pair of WR for a starter upgrade.

Start: 1 QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2 WR/TE Flex, K and Def/ST


Q: P. Mahomes

RB: Conner, Mack, Collins, Drake, McCoy, R. Freeman

WR: Smith-Schuster, Baldwin, Cooks, Crabtree, Fitzgerald, Marquise Goodwin, Taylor Gabriel, Ridley, Mike Williams, D.J. Moore

K: Gano

? LARams

Thanks in advance!

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I would not trade away Mahomes to cover the bye.  I would role with one of those guys from the wire and take your chances.

Oh agreed should not do just to cover bye... so I take it you think Mahomes and existing lineup has much greater potential than Cam & Julio.

I'm starting to wonder if Mahomes sees the bench during play-offs at all. I threw a dart with him from day one of the draft... just didn't expect the rest of the league to gobble up QBs.

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I make that trade if the other guy accepts.  You take a slight hit going from Mahomes to Cam but get a huge upgrade getting Julio to replace one of Baldwin/Fitzgerald.  I think it makes your overall team much better.


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