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Trade Mahomes for Starting WR help (1 Viewer)


12 Team PPR  Roster limits at each position
Start QB,  2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR Flex, 1 WR/TE Flex, K, DST
My team
Mahomes, Big Ben
M Gordon, Zeke, Mixon, A Jones, Smallwood
Golladay, J Gordon, Cobb, M Williams, Anderson
Ebron, McDonald

I'm trying to get a number 1 WR or at least 2 WRs with PPR value

Do these deals seem good

for Juju/ R Wilson (Kind of like pairing Juju with Big Ben)
for Tate/R Wilson(I don't really like this because I have Golladay
for Cooks/R Wilson
for Jeffery/Coutee/Flacco
for A Brown(Brown owner is 0-5 and unfortunately doesn't seem to want to make a move)


These go in Assistant Coach for future reference. 

I would not accept any of those but I don’t value QBs very highly. They’re a dime a dozen in my eyes, especially this year. No chance I would deal a #1 WR. Maaaybe a WR2 depending on who and how crappy my QB was. 

The Flacco owner may go for it, depends on their WR's though, I don't see any of the other deals happening.

I would take any of those in your shoes except for the Tate/Wilson deal.  However, I don't think the other guy will go for any of them. 

He still has Julio and TY 
So he would only have two WR's in a start 3 WR league. Yea- that'll fly....NOT... FYI TY is out.  I think you aren't going to be able to move Mahomes, which is probably the best thing for you to happen.


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