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Trade OBJ for Zeke? (1 Viewer)


In a 10 team PPR league would you give OBJ to get Zeke?  We start 1QB/2RB/2WR/2FLEX/1TE

My Roster:

QB: Mahomes

RB: David Johnson, Chubb, Peterson, Drake, Ingram, Mike Davis

WR: OBJ, Davante Adams, Kupp, Josh Gordon, Alshon Jeffery, Sutton

TE: Howard, Cook

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I am assuming redraft and I really think its a coin flip.  I don't have an objection to either side.  It's essentially a starter for a starter and doesn't really have any other starting implication so it boils down to who you think scores more points the rest of the year.  Based on your scoring system figure that out and go with that player. 

For me I probably lean Zeke because I really don't trust Eli.



I would make this trade given your current team.  You have he WR depth to afford this trade and it upgrades your RBs nicely. I think zeke is going to rebound in the second half of season and he has such a solid floor every week.

I just traded Odell for Mixon this week so I would definitely make that same move gettting zeke back.


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