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Trade Offer: LeGarrette Blount and Jamaal Charles for 2018 Draft Pick, Round 1 (1 Viewer)


I've received this trade offer:

My team get LeGarrette Blount and Jamaal Charles

Team B get: 2018 Draft pick, Round 1

Dynasty League, 16 teams, PPR, basic scoring, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 R/W/T, 2 ID

My team:

Mariota, Mahomes, Garoppolo

Perine, Woodhead, Lewis, Ryan Mathews, Jamaal Williams, T.J. Logan

Evans, Jeffery, Kevin White, Tyrell Williams, Josh Reynolds

Gronkowski, Gates, Engram, Hodges

Mack, Bosa, Lavonte David, Buckner

Team B:


Tevin Coleman, Duke Johnson, Blount, McFadden, McNichols, Jamaal Charles

Odell Beckham Jr., Watkins, Corey Coleman, Emmanuel Sanders, Martavis Bryant, Conley, Doctson, Jordan Matthews, Wilson

Witten, Jesse James, Gathers

Reshad Jones, Shazier, Mosley

I think this isn't a good trade for my team. Any thoughts? Would you make a counter proposal?

Thanks in advance.

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I think in a 16 team league, your team is decent but not great, so I suspect your pick will be in the 5-9 range.

I agree with you, I think I would pass on it.  Blount is a nice piece but I don't think he puts you in serious title contention.  Charles is done IMO and will compete with Anderson and Booker for carries for a mediocre DEN offense.

I don't think I would counter.  You need RB help and he doesn't have one (except T Coleman) that is worth a 2018 1st.  And he isn't going to give you T Coleman for a 2018 mid 1st.

I would pass...  for that 1st round pick, I would want more than (no disrespect to the players) Blount and Charles.  They are on the tail end of their careers.  the other owner is banking on you to sell with Blount's 18 TDs last year, which I am not sure he will duplicate again.  

I think it's a really terrible offer.  You don't trade 1st round picks for 2 old guys, especially in a larger league like a 16 team league where it's harder to accumulate young talent.  Any offer you would make to this team wouldn't be a counter because I wouldn't include anything from his original offer.

I'd pass. I think Charles is, sadly, pretty much done and Blount had some nice years in NE but isn't worth anywhere near a first IMO. If you want to get a gauge on the value of that pick, you could post a message to your league mates indicating that you are willing to move your 2018 1st for RB help to see what kind of offers you get. I'm sure you'll get some bad offers but you might get something good. You have a young enough core that you don't need to 'make a run' this year. Build through the draft, use the waiver wire and look for value in trades. They don't all have to be blockbusters.

Easy pass, at best I'd probably offer a future 2nd for both those guys and only if I was desperate for RB help.


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