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Trade offer: Mecole Hardman for Vance McD (1 Viewer)

Ray Barboni

This is redraft. But with 2 eligible keepers.

i currently have Jared Cook and Chris Herndon at TE ... so that sucks.

was offered Vance McDonald for my Mecole. This is a non PPR league, with tough scoring (1 point per 30yds)

Current roster:

QB: Rodgers

RB: Kamara

WR: DeVante Adams

TE: Jared Cook

Flex: Juju

Flex: James Conner

Flex: Sony 



Hollywood Brown



Robby Anderson 

Darwin Thompson 


Damien Harris 

Chris Herndon

So ... if you’re still reading, than thank you. I obviously don’t need Mecole right now with my other WR/Flex options. And I think Vance is a clear upgrade over Jared Cook. 

I guess the only hangup is that I’d be giving up on keeping Mecole. Which sounds stupid considering I started 0-2 and need to solidify my starting lineup.

 I think I just  talked myself into Vance over Mecole - but wanted to hear from my FBG friends.

Please help, leave a link and I’ll get you back.

thanks bros 



I would keep Hardman. Also Cook and McDonald both have around the same targets through 2 games even though McDonald played a higher snap count percentage. He really isn't an upgrade, just a lateral move. 


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