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Trade offer...WHIR (1 Viewer)

TX Steel

12 team 0.5 PPR redraft.  Bonuses for 100+ yds rushing/receiving, 300+ yds passing, 50+ yd TDs.


My Team (2-2):

Luck, Winston

Hunt, Ingram, JWhite, Miller, Morris, RJones

KAllen, Golladay, Lockett, Gordon, Stills, Taywan Taylor, Coutee

Gronk, Olsen

His Team (2-2):   

Watson, Wentz

Gurley, Breida, Henry, Mack

Julio, Jeffery, Demaryius, ARob, Mike Williams, Goodwin, Doctson, Ross

Kittle, ASJ


I'd like some TE insurance, as the position is scarce on waivers.  Thinking of offering Morris/Lockett for Kittle.  Thought I could play up the Breida handcuff angle with Breida's shoulder injury, and Lockett is better than all but 2 of his WRs (maybe even better than Jeffery).  

Think it's a fair offer?  Or do you see a better option?

Thanks, and please leave a link so I can return the favor!

I wouldn't worry about making a move for TE depth unless the issue is forced.  Gronks injury isn't supposed to be serious and Olsen is rumored to be coming back. Don't weaken your team for one week.

If Gronk has to sit out the short week I would just roll the dice with a WW TE.  Maybe one of Baltimore's. 


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