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10 Team .5 PPR 

Got offered RB Elliot for RB Howard and WR Hill or WR JuJu

Howard obviously been down but I really think the cold weather mid-late season will help his cause. Hill boom or bust type of player still especially with how much that offense spreads the ball around. JuJu I feel is poised for top 10 WR year. For those reasons I'm leaning Howard and Hill....Am I crazy? Do I even NEED to make the move? Im personally very high on John Brown and Ekeler as every week flex options...Roster below any help appreciated...

QB - Watson

RB - David Johnson

RB - Jordan Howard

WR- Tyreek Hill

WR - Adam Thielen

TE - George Kittle

Flex - JuJu Smith

Defense - Panthers


RB - Peyton Barber

RB - Chris Carson

RB - Austin Ekeler

WR - Kenny Stills

WR - Tyler Lockett

WR - John Brown

TE - Kyle Rudolph



I wouldn't do it.  I think last week was a specific TB game plan.  Howard will be fine and I like Hill and Juju as top 10 wr's.


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