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Trade offer (1 Viewer)


1 point ppr league. Start QB/2RB/2WR/TE/Flex/K/Def

My team:

QB: Burrow/Stafford/Pickett
RB: Ekeler/Pierce/Etienne/Edmonds
WR: Chase/AJ Brown/St Brown/Thielen/Thomas/Lazard/Doubs/Moore
TE: Schultz/Conklin
K: Butker
Def: San Fran

Given my solid WR core, would you offer Chase for Jonathan Taylor? With the injury and his weakness at WR, I think I have a shot. It doesn't hurt that we live in Cincinnati and Bengals are slightly over valued in the league.

football fan

The Indy offense is so bad that JT doesn't move the needle for me.
I tend to agree with this. This year Indy's offense really scares me.

Chase should be able to land almost any RB you want in an one on one deal as long as the other owner is willing to make the deal.

Keeping that in my head, I would re-evaluate which RB you believe would help you the most this year, and attempt to make that deal.

Is your league redraft or dynasty, what type of league you are in, may alter your ability to make a deal like this.


JT is too banged up and will get little help from the piecemeal offensive line of the Colts and the QB play. I'd pivot elsewhere....Chubb, CMC, Saquon, etc.

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