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Trade or Hold David Johnson? (1 Viewer)

Disposable Hero

I have him in a keeper ,1/2 point ppr league and we start 2 RB's with a flex. I have Collins, Coleman, Lewis, and White. I am 1-1 and no need to panic but I don't see things getting a whole lot better for DJ. Doesn't help that with a WR corps of OBJ/D.Thomas/Crabtree/Stills/Pickett/Edelman under performing. Who are you targeting if you sell him? Or maybe sell OBJ?


Here's Johnny

Only trade him for value, don't give him away because his value is low.  I tried to trade Howard for DJ, and they said no.  I would have added a wr.



It's one bad week man, relax.  Arians will find a way to get value from his best player
Arians doesnt work their anymore.  That's part of the problem.

Your going to need to get someone good for him.  I would trade him for Hunt, Mixon, Fournette, Cook + , Howard + .  Or WR's like Thielen, Diggs, Adams


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