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Trade Package (Trade Diggs for Brady+Montgomery?) (1 Viewer)


10-team PPR league not sure if I should trade Diggs for Brady + Montgomery. Currently 4-1

Here's my roster currently:

QB - Darnold

RBs - Zeke, Mixon, Damien Williams, Damien Harris, Javonte Williams

WRs - Diggs, Moore, Jakobi Meyers, Ruggs, Sterling Shepard, Renfrow

TE - Pitts

I was thinking this would work out since I'm not sold on Darnold and I already own Damien Williams




I would not do it.  I think it severely hurts your WR room and Darnold will continue doing what he is doing.  The offense is working well for fantasy I don't see that changing.  



The guy is trying to buy low. I wouldn't trade Diggs. I have him and his production was under par, but serviceable until week 5. Week 5 was kinda low. But the bills have had a fairly tough schedule so far, and they've gotten to the easy part.



I would pass.  Brady is awesome but losing Diggs really hurts your WRs too much.

There has to be a QB on the wire that you can pick up to hedge against Darnold.


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