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Trade rumors Stallworth and Rogers (1 Viewer)


Saints | D. Stallworth discussed in trade talks [KFFL]Sat, 1 Apr 2006 07:42:51 -0800ESPN.com's Len Pasquarelli reports New Orleans Saints WR Donte' Stallworth has been discussed in trade talks.
Lions | C. Rogers discussed in trade talks [KFFL]Sat, 1 Apr 2006 07:42:29 -0800ESPN.com's Len Pasquarelli reports Detroit Lions WR Charles Rogers has been discussed in trade talks.
Or am I a victim of Pastabelly's April Fools joke? BTW: Sorry if it is a HondaEdited: because I can't spell.
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Early word around Detroit is that Rogers is not doing well to pick up the system - Tony Ortiz am 1270, Lions insider, confirmed by Tom Kowalski as well.

Rogers will be lucky to be a lion coming trainging camp

If the Lions can really get back $10 mill of his $14 million signing bonus then cutting him will not be a problem. If they could get Stallworth for him it would be a huge coup.

as soon as the lions decided to go after $10 million of roger's money in his rookie contract signing bonuses (can't say i blame them), it has been predicted that it didn't bode well for their long term future together.

not sure if rogers would have much trade value... i think if he has another indiscretion it could be a one year suspension... he might not be viewed by league personnel types a lot higher than onterrio smith in the heirarchy of talented but troubled young players potentially on out with team...

i wonder of rogers is dogging it to get cut on purpose? it sounds like they have an adversarial relationship at this point... that didn't work too good for clarett, but then rogers is a lot more talented... not a good image to be projecting, though, for those thinking about giving him another chance...

i think part of pasquarelli's article concerned events prior to this year... not sure if it was clear from context of article whether this was old news regarding stallworth... if so, he started to put it together last year, & had best season since promising rookie one, stayed healthy or was able to play & contribute hurt...

plus joe horn could be nearing end, & guy like henderson is unproven commodity. i would expect saints to keep him... unless they don't plan to re-sign because he is not in their future, & they decide to get something for him while they can.

Could be a another great show on turf. Stallworth is a poor man's Holt. The hands aren't as good but he fast and talented. Stallworth jumps way up on Martz's offense IMO.

If the Saints trade Stallworth for C Rogers that would be a bone head move. Stallworth is not a stud, but C Rogers is a total bust. At least Stallworth can be a decent WR2.

Them being traded for each other was almost certainly not discussed. Stallworth has much more value right now.

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I remember hearing somebody's analysis of the Saints' money / contract situations and Stallworth was brought up in the convo. If I remember correctly, he'll be a FA next season and the person felt he might not be coming back. I can't remember if they wouldn't have the cap space, Stallworth would command too much money, they felt his play wouldn't support what they'd give him in a new contract, or they were just very impressed with Henderson. I don't know, but Stallworth was mentioned as a player who would cause some difficulties in the team's current structure and decision making. Sounded like a numbers thing, much like every team is in.

Donte' had a decent season last year and is talented. However, he's not turned out to be a top flight wideout yet. He entered the NFL as a guy with a very high ceiling but most of these guys, with exceptions of guys like Randy Moss, fall short of becoming.... well, Randy Moss(es). All in all, Stallworth is possibly going to be in a different uniform in 2007. Putting 2 and 2 together, maybe the Saints are looking to move him before he becomes a free agent. Payton may have analyzed all his film, if Pastabelly's rumor is true, or others, and concluded he wasn't going to be a core guy for him. With the dearth of talent currently avalable in the FA market and the upcoming draft, he would certainly be a marketable commodity. I imagine he's still under his rookie contract (with a smaller signing bonus than a vet contract ) and close to finishing it out so trading him might not cause a huge cap hit. It might be eaten up all this year, a year when the Saints are reloading so to speak. Perhaps the Saints are looking to go full bore starting next year in the "uncapped" year. Certainly, even the way Brees' contract is structured leaves them options if he turns out to be a flop and won't ruin 2007 and beyond. Could be what they're gunning for.

Comparing apples, you have two wideouts whom their respective teams might like to move, Rogers for obvious reasons and Stallworth because the Saints might want to get compensation for him now before he hits the FA market. If Stallworth were to light it up this year, I wouldn't want to have to outbid WR hungry teams in an uncapped year, especially when his career has been uneven so far. Could be a smart move by the Saints. There's also another choice. They could extend his deal now and hope that giving him the money early will save them :moneybag: in the long run.

Of course the Saints would be doing the Lionesses a favor by making this trade because the current best way for Detroit to save face would be to cut Rogers. That would somewhat solve one problem, that of money for the team's payroll, although the cap hit from the signing bonus is there (although I don't know what the deal with that is with his suspension). To bring in a player, especially a young, good caliber receiver to go in Mad Mike's offense in this action, would be a stroke of genius. Somehow, I think Millen has too much of a donut brain for this to ever work out. Heck, even the casual fan, me, says it doesn't add up for the Saints so I doubt we see it happen unless there are other players / draft picks involved. Of course, Detroit might be willing to go so far as to do this if they are sufficiently screwed by the black hole of Rogers contract.

All in all, this deal doesn't add up unless it's done for some reason similar to ones mentioned in the preceeding paragraph because the principles (Donte' & Charles) are so uneven.

Would like to see Stallworth playing in the Madman's passing O though! :thumbup: (Stallworth owner in keeper league.)

If the saints make that move I will stop watching football
WHy .. Stallworth is nt the next Jerry Rice you know.

Stallworth is a marginal WR with injury concerns.

Rogers is a great talent with injury concerns , and dont blame Rogers for everything that happened with the Lions . No QB , bad coach for the last 10 years at least, bad GM .

No one has a clue in Detroit and it shows on their prospect .

both Williams , Jones , Rogers all underacheiver but not their fault.

I say if Rogers ends up in NO he becomes a top 20 this year and a top 10 next season.

If the saints make that move I will stop watching football
I say if Rogers ends up in NO he becomes a top 20 this year and a top 10 next season.
Interesting insight. I'd peg the chance of Rogers becoming a top 10 WR ever at less than 1%. But interesting nonetheless.
Look at the first post people.

These are two SEPARATE rumors.

There's no Rogers for Stallworth rumor. It doesn't make sense.

Look at the first post people.

These are two SEPARATE rumors.

There's no Rogers for Stallworth rumor. It doesn't make sense.
I thought the same thing. Why was everyone assuming they were part of the same rumor?Anyone think there's any possibility Rogers gets traded along with Harrington to Miami? Was there any connection between Saban and Rogers at Michigan State? Like was Saban still there when Rogers was recruited?


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