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Trade Steven Jackson for Romo in keeper league? (1 Viewer)


This is PPR start 1 RB, 1WR, 2 flex RB/WR. My team is 5-2 and looking solid.

QB Luck

RB Forte, Morris, Jackson, bell, vereen

WR Green, Blackmon, Allen, amendola, Jeffery

TE Witten

Few reasons why I'm leaning towards doing it even though normally I wouldn't consider:

1) My QB1 luck is on a bye and looking at remainder of year Lucks schedule is brutal and Romos is really soft

2) if I don't make trade I drop Joique bell to pick up and start Carson Palmer

3) Jackson is my RB3 and I don't think I'll miss him as Quiz' emergence will likely hurt his PPR value

4) only having to start 1 RB and going 7-9 deep at RB/WR affords me the opportunity to do this

Obviously I could wait another week roll the dice with Palmer this week and then if SJax has a good game possibly extract more value but if he looks limited this offer could evaporate, appreciate your the help!


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