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Trade Trubisky? (1 Viewer)


I know this is a complicated question, so I will definitely try to help in return for anyone who answers.

10 team, 1 point PPR league.  My team is 2-5 and in 8th place.   Team B is in 7th place at 3-4.  I'm 2 games out of the final playoff spot.  We can keep anybody drafted after the 9th round as long as we want at no penalty.

He is very unhappy with his QB situation.  Do you see a trade here that is worth me giving up Trubisky that can help my team?

My Team:

QB - Brady, Trubisky (keeper), Darnold (keeper)

RB - Elliott, Lindsay (keeper), K Johnson, Ekeler (keeper), A Jones (keeper), Cohen (keeper), Drake (keeper)

WR - Allen, Landry (keeper), Golladay (keeper), Enunwa (keeper), Funchess  

TE - Gronk, Brate

K - Lutz (keeper)

Def - Minnesota

Team B:

QB - Flacco (keeper) Carr (keeper) Watson (keeper)

RB - Gurley, Smallwood (keeper), Murray (keeper), Crowell (keeper), McCoy, R Jones III (keeper), 

WR - Evans, J Brown (keeper), Crabtree (keeper), Sanu, M Jones, Bryant (keeper)

TE - Hooper, McDonald (keeper)

K - Jake Elliott 

Def - Rams

That's a tough one. Your team is pretty solid in both the short term and long term depending on your keepers. Team B could use some help at RB so depends on who you want to move and you could "maybe" use some help at WR but it's really tough because you've got some guys that need to just wake up like Keenan Allen and I'm not sure they're going to part with Evans. John Brown could be a nice piece considering his target share and rest of season schedule and you could "maybe" move Gronk, Johnson (I think he's a sell high with Riddick eventually returning and Blount still getting the ball), and Lindsay and see if that will do it for Gurley and Hooper. That's probably the biggest "splash" trade you could look at.


They have nothing worth going for on their team although I would trade Trubuisky for Watson in a heartbeat but they wont go for that.

I agree with the above. This trade partner presents only a few options that he'll likely not go for if you're interested in trading Trubisky. I'd be reluctant to trade him as I'm not sold on Darnold and I trust Nagy more than Bowles, so I'd be more inclined to trade Darnold if you were going to trade a QB. I would agree with the above that if you were inclined to try something, see what he'd say about QB for QB with either Trubisky or Darnold for Watson. I'd be most worried about your TE situation for dynasty though as Gronk appears almost done and once he is, you're in trouble in that position.



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