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I was curious how other leagues handle trades. We use the CBS site and have in place a trade voting system. The problem is, and always has been, that it seems like half the people in the league vote down every proposed trade for no reason. Yet, if there ever is a collusion type of trade, it rarely gets enough votes to be rejected (though it typically comes close).

We even have a week 8 trade deadline to deter teams that are nearly mathematically eliminated from trading away their best players. However, it didn't stop one guy from making two big trades with two teams who's combined records were 1-12 last week and a half ago. Each trade just barely sqeaked through the voting process. One of the trades for example was Steven Jackson and Santonio Holmes for Larry Johnson and Chambers (keep in mind this was before Jackson got injured and before holmes got busted - and at the time we all knew johnson was being suspended and likely to miss multiple games and that chambers was injured and would miss multiple games).

I don't like a system that leaves trade approvals in the hands of the commissioner because it creates too many conspiracy theorists and they either gripe becuase you let a trade through or gripe if you don't. Its a lose-lose system for the commissioner. Since trading is one of the best aspects of fantasy football, I really don't want a leauge where no trading is allowed at all.

I was curious if some web sites have systems that somehow compare YTD and projected stats (and positional analysis per team) to determine if a trade is within a reasonable tolerance of acceptibility. Thus automatically allowing or disallowing a trade.

Also, something odd happened with the CBS site when I thought a trade was voted down. We allow a max of 5 rejection votes, meaning the 6th vote will put it over the limit. Well at close to 11pm it appeared to receive the 6th vote and the trade page showed a message that said something like this, "The maximum number of trades has been exceeded. The commissioner will determine the status of the trade". Well about an hour or so after that, the site processed all of the transactions and the trade went through as if it never received 6 rejections. I have commissioner status and I did not push it through. In fact, it processed with all the other waiver transactions and was not listed in 'red' like commissioner-forced transaction normall are. Does anyone know why this might have happened? I just assumed that if a trade was rejected that it would not process at all and would give some type of rejection message on the transaction screen.


How bad an idea do I think trade voting is? I didn't even read your whole post (sorry).

Trade voting is fundamentally flawed, as owners are incented to vote against any and all trades. It's completely nuts!

Anyway, there's one opinion for you.

it's terrible because it relys on too many people to 1. do the right thing instead of the selfish thing and 2. be intelligent enough to understand when a trade should be vetoed

Here's how we do it:

- 10 team league

- all trades are submitted for a vote

- 2 day voting period

- if you don't vote, it counts as a "Yes"

So, you've got to have 6 out of 8 people vote "No" to stop a trade from happening. In 5 years we've only had 1 trade get vetoed (and rightfully so).

commish approves trades. If someone disagrees with commish , appeal. get a 3 person panel of teams not involved to decide, but appeals cost money to discourage wasting time. this works for all rulings not just trades

I like the way Yahoo does it this year. You can protest a trade within 48 hours and it goes to a Yahoo fantasy "expert" who gives it the final call. So far so good, 2 have been protested and one was rejected. (It was a very bad trade. McClain/Gage/Rudi for Lynch/ Bowe/Coles)

Even in leagues where the other players take the veto seriously, too many of the non-trading owner look at the trade from a this side or that side won w/o taking in other considerations that the two teams making the trade are thinking. Many times it is a good idea for an owner to "lose" in a trade in pure value if it upgrades a weaker position or covers bye weeks. it gets more complicated when you any additional elements keepers, dynasty, salary caps, contracts, etc.

The best method is for the commish to review trades. By review, i mean make sure that there or not any roster/rules violations along with the possibility of that Leonard Weaver/ JT O'sullivan for Peyton/ADP type BS trade. One thing though, don't have a league w/o this review process. i was in a league that was disbanned directly beasue two owner made some 4 fo 10 player swap that no responsible commish would have let go through.


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