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Trade: Zeke for James Conner and Wentz (1 Viewer)


10 Team Standard League - Start QB - 2RB - 2WR - 2 Flex

I am currently 2nd in points scored and 4-6 in record, getting to 6-7 likely secures me a playoff spot with tiebreakers. 

If I miss the playoffs, weeks 15-16 are still worth a premium because we play to avoid our last place punishment. 

Trade offered to me was James Conner and Wentz for Zeke. 

My Team: 

QB: A. Luck , Fitzmagic

RB: Zeke, CMC, Chubb, C. Carson, M.Davis, J. Adams

WR: D. Adams, K. Golladay, C. Sutton, C. Godwin

TE: Trey Burton, E. Engram

His Team: 

QB: Rodgers, Wentz

RB: J. Conner, Crowell, McCoy, Richard

WR: Thiele, AB, Watkins, Ridley, Edelman, Sanu, Moncreif

TE: OJ Howard

Is this deal worth it? I value Zeke slightly higher than Conner, and his playoff schedule seems better. I like Wentz more than Luck, especially with the defense banged up. 

I could also try to add in a tight end swap of one of mine for OJ and see if he takes it. 




You have zero need for Wentz.  I would have no problem moving Zeke for Conner plus something that is of use.  Maybe Watkins or Ridley.  I don't think Conner will be much of a drop from Zeke and if you can improve your starters with another piece I would do that. 



Call me crazy but I like Conner over Zek by a large margin, Steelers have a far better offense and he's this year's NFL Folk Hero.  I too agree you have no need of Wentz, so see if you can tweek the deal, maybe offer a TE for Howard?


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