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Trades amid Weekly Action (1 Viewer)


So, our league is on CBS, and sometimes I will shoot out a trade offer in between games (like right now on a Monday). The system allows any and all players to be traded at all times during the entire week. I don't think I've seen such a trade accepted before, but I'm curious as to what would actually happen. There are plentiful specific questions to ask, of course. What if all players involved were on the bench? Nothing seems to be the problem there. But if some of the involved players were started in someone's lineup (I'm talking about players who already played their respective NFL games), what would actually happen? I think it goes without saying that the players' scores would remain on their own team's board , there's no way that would change. But it would seem strange to look at a lineup and see a score from a player who no longer belongs to that team. Alternatively, would it be the commissioner's duty to delay authorizing any trades involving already-played players? Or maybe even, the system wouldn't allow it to be authorized yet, even though it allows owners to make the trade? I'm rambling ... but I think it's clear what I'm asking in general.

Any player whose game was already locked would be locked to the original team for this week.  Any player not locked (for example playing tonight) would be eligible to into the new teams lineup.  If they were in the old teams lineup the old team would be responsible to put in someone new that is eligible to play.

It's fairly simple and straight forward.

ETA:  many league platforms do not allow a player to be traded if they have already "played".  I believe in most cases it is a setting the commish can allow or not allow as the case may be.  

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Hmm, I believe CBS won't allow the trade of a player who already played until after MNF game. Players are locked based on lineup setting, there is no separate trade setting for this. It's the same as if the league allowed benching a player from the active roster after he already played or during the game in progress, which isn't possible. Players go into the "locked" state and roster changes are not possible for that player. So unless they have some hidden settings I haven't seen or unless the Commissioner of the league force change the rosters, it won't go through till after MNF.

edit: to clarify, CBS will allow the trade once accepted, but it won't take effect until after MNF game.

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Thinking about it the only reason to disallow is that theoretically someone could get the benefit of playing a guy this week and trade him for someone that hasn't played yet and put that player in his lineup.  So the owner kind of gets the benefit twice for the same player.  

Maybe the best solution is that if a player is locked in someone's lineup they are not eligible to be traded until the week is over.  However, any player locked on the bench could be traded as nobody gets the benefit of that player in the current week.  

In a related note if a guy is on IR it shouldn't matter if their team played or not.  They should be eligible to be traded at any time.  


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