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Trading a Defense in a Dynasty League (1 Viewer)

Captain America

Say you were going to trade a top defense... the Bears, the Titans, the Eagles... what kind of RB would you expect in return? What kind of WR?

Is expecting a #2 RB or a #2/#3 WR expecting too much?

Yep. Too much. They vary from year to year way to much to expect a RB2. You might get a WR3. I like to use them to move up in the next years draft positions. My Bears and a 2nd rounder for your 1st rounder or something like that.

If the team as a really good track record, you might do okay, but I doubt you'd get a decent RB for them. I could see a #3 WR.

Seriously, a consitent top D might be worth more than a #3 WR, but not be valued that way. I'd let people know they were on the block, and see what you get - you never know.... could be someone anting them for a championship push.


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