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trading alexander (1 Viewer)


my keeper league team has been ravaged this year by injuries (culpepper, pennington, Deuce, bolden the week after i traded for him) and busts(clayton and andre johnson)im ready to rebuild and shoot for next year. we keep 4, one of whom must be a rookie. im trying to move alexander for 2 younger RB's(we can start up to 4) 6 pts per td, 1 pt per 10 yds and 1 point per reception.ive discussed trading alexander and bolden for steven jackson and larry johnson. I think i may be giving up a little too much. If i do this trade, ill probably end up keeping LJ, SJ, and maybe deuce next year depending on how he heals. Braylon edwards would be my rook. if i dont make the trade, ill be scrambling for a keeper. Id be keeping alexander, maybe deuce, edwards and one of barlow, chester taylor(if he lands a starting role) or bolden. Should i pull the trigger?edit: ugh. wrong forum. sorry

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alexander is $$$ in the bank, but if you can start 4 rb's i'd rather have jackson & johnson next year than alexander and boldinSA - positive he'll be a seahawk?boldin - arizona's running game won't be worse next yearmake the move


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