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Trading deadline - value buys ... IMO (1 Viewer)

The Moz


M. Bulger -- can get him for next to nothing and he has some really great match ups - If you do not have anyhting solid at QB and stuck starting QB's like Eli , Campbell , Edwards as your #1 - Bulger might be a solid buy.. also play in a dome during winter month playoff weeks.

P. Manning - would cost something to get him but last few seasons he really turned it on late I see it this season as well. His overall value is around as low as its been. You got the depth at other positions he is the guy to go after for a title run. -- also plays under roof.


S. Jackson - folks might be getting frustrated with his inuries right now and as result might have a less than great record and might be on the verge of being out of contention. NOW would be a great time to offer ( if you are currently riding a nice record ) that team for sjax. His value is uber lower comparitivley right now and his schedule is unreal in the playoffs.

M. Lynch - Most owners are also down on this guy as he has scored but not even a game over 100 yds yet and his vakue right now is that of a low end 2nd rounder or early 3rd - if that. He rides an unreal playoff schedule that he should at least score in those games.

L. Johnson - his value is dirt right now an might even be on several waiver wires. Herm is likley going to let him return next week unless Charles lights world on fire. LJ has a GREAT schedule late and likely could be had for a song.


A. Gonzalez - some might laugh but IMO Peyton is realizing Marvin is done and realizing the true #2 on that team is AGonz. I believe that Gonzo will be the go to guy after Wayne the rest of the season. People still think last week was a fluke and Agonz can be had really cheap right now. plays in dome

T. Holt - I think Bulger is realizing now that Holt is still his guy even though Avery is nice as well. He IMO has a solid second half and can be had at a rock bottom price. Plays in Dome

Ocho Cinco - I really think he is startig n develpope a repour with Fitpatrick and just might be a really solid 2nd half WR. Value is pretty low still as he would command little more that a solid player.


Scheffler - He is a little injured right now but I am thinking he gets better shortly and when he shapes up IMO could be a nice late year player - still on many waiver wires or in a small trade to be had.

I just bought Matt Ryan fairly cheap. I don't expect him to be a top 5 guy or anything, but I expect him to put up a consistent 18-25 ppg from here on out, making him a great QBBC guy. Plus, his schedule is very friendly.

I would also see if you could "buy high" on Tim Hightower. Savvy owner in my league just got him for Vincent Jackson.

Traded Torian /Sage(waiver p/u) for Bulger/Rhodes.............Traded for Cutler earlier in the day too

Targeted Bulger due to his easy schedule down the road(FINAL 3-@ARI,SEA,SF)

Great #2

Addai has a cake schedule and is still getting carries - you can get him on the cheap right now and probably after this weeks game.


Scheffler - He is a little injured right now every other play but I am thinking he gets better shortly and when he shapes up IMO could be a nice late year player - still on many waiver wires or in a small trade to be had.
Fixed that for you...
I like the Larry Johnson pick. The Chiefs offense has played some good football the past couple of weeks. LJ's return to the team should bring their offense to an even higher level. If KC management is serious about bringing him back I could see some very good numbers for him the rest of the season. He's a low-risk and high reward pickup.

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Not a great schedule for '08, but I just got S.Holmes for a (late) '09 rookie pick. Cheap while the pot thing is still fresh. I would have had to pay a top 4 rookie pick for him this offseason.

Just traded DeSean (KR/PR scoring league) for TO. Figured DeSean's production is going down with Curtis and Reggie back, and TO's is going up with Romo coming back.

I know I'll probably get skewered for saying this, but Ryan Grant's game is on the upswing, and after tough games the next two weeks his schedule looks pretty good. I imagine most owners will probably be willing to let him go cheap and he could really come in handy (esp Week 14 vs. Houston). He's probably the epitome of a buy low guy right now.


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