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Trading for Deshaun to Replace Dak - WHIR (1 Viewer)


10 team H2H league (ESPN) - 0.5 PPR

My team (after this week, 3-2, 2nd place):

QB - Dak Prescott

RB - Josh Jacobs, Kareem Hunt, Mike Davis, Melvin Gordon, James Conner, Benny Snell

WR - Michael Thomas, Juju Smith-Schuster, CeeDee Lamb, Marquise Brown

TE - Tyler Higbee

Other team (after this week, 3-2, 3rd place):

QB - Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson

RB - Joe Mixon, Todd Gurley, Leonard Fournette, Jerick McKinnon
WR - Davante Adams, Allen Robinson, Stefon Diggs, Tyler Boyd

TE - Darren Waller, Hunter Henry

The other guy said to make an offer for Deshaun. I'm thinking of trying to sell high on Mike Davis and maybe unloading Michael Thomas to keep my team balanced. Any thoughts on this trade? Any other suggestions?

Give - Mike Davis, Michael Thomas

Get - Stefon Diggs, Deshaun Watson

Give - Davis, Thomas, Higbee

Get - Diggs, Watson, Waller

The other option would be to stay put and stream QBs (current options for Week 6 - Fitzpatrick, Goff, Herbert, Tannehill, Carr, etc.)

WHIR - post links in response



I don't think Davis moves the needle that much in this trade as he's a quickly depreciating asset and worth virtually nothing when CMC returns.  In the first trade you're offering an upgrade of DIggs to Thomas for the cost of Watson, and maybe 1-2 weeks of a flex RB.  Not a bad offer, but wouldn't surprise me if he counters with giving you Boyd instead of Diggs.  I don't think the second offer has much chance, as you're trying to add in an upgrade at TE for yourself in addition to Trade #1. 

At least in my experience, people that do what he did and draft two top 10 QBs tend to want a ransom for their second guy.  Maybe he'll be reasonable and accept Thomas and give up Diggs and Watson.  I wouldn't have an issue with throwing Davis to him if it gets the deal done, but start with leaving him out of it.  If he counters with Watson + Boyd for Thomas, I would assess which QBs are available on waivers that you could stream with before accepting that.  



He needs rb help.  If you don't want to stream I would try Gordon and Juju(not a big fan) for Diggs and Watson, or Gordon and Thomas for Watson and Adams.


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