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Trading for Kamara (1 Viewer)


I am offering Luck, Calvin Ridley, and Joe Mixon for Dalton, J Landry, and Kamara. 

My other QB is Wentz, I start him over luck since we get a bonus at 300 yards, other RBs are Dalvin Cook, L Murray, J White, and some bench warmers.  WRs are OBJ and JuJu.  I’m basically giving him Mixon and 2 bench players to upgrade for Elite RB, I’m 7-3, just don’t feel like I can make noise in playoffs, he has no quality QB that’s why he is doing trade.  Any input appreciated.

I would not accept that for Kamara but if the other guy would then go for it. 

I also would rather have Luck than Wentz at this point so I would shop Wentz instead of Luck. 


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