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Trading for RB 1 Help (1 Viewer)


Looking to make a trade for a good Rb from a team that has a lot and is weaker at WR. It's a keeper league that you can keep a player for 2 years, so he kept 2 rbs and also went rb rb to start the draft but mentioned he was open for trades. Its a ppr league as well with 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1te and 2 wr/te/rb flex spots,

My rbs - saquan, akers, breece, stevenson, james robinson
my wrs - ceedee, higgins, gabe davis, aiyuk, hopkins

He has kamara, swift, conner, and javonte and he has brandon cook and bateman as his only 2 viable wrs

If I were to get Swift I could keep him at a 3rd round cost next year, and javonte at a 6th round cost next year, so I'm targeting them.

What do you think I should offer, was considering higgins and either breece or stevenson for one of them.

Let me know your thoughts on the proposed trade and if you would go about it differently.


I would keep what you have. I like your RB's and think breece and Stevenson will end up top 15 ish guys


Javonte for Higgins and Stevenson. sounds good to me.

I think you try to make the trade. I'm high on Javonte.


If I am doing a trade, I would offer Higgins for Williams straight up and even with this, I am a bit hesitant. If not accepted, I am good with your current roster.

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