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Trading players on a bye to the guy you face (1 Viewer)

Dirty Weasel

I'm sure many here have used this before. Hypothetical situation - team A owns Portis and team B owns (insert similar RB here). Teams A & B face each other in week 10. Team A then offers Portis for that similar RB, knowing that he will have a distinct advantage in week 10, because he now has a top RB who is not off and Team B has a top RB that is off. Now, let's expand this theory...

Team A then trades that RB to the team he faces during that RB's bye, and so on. As long as you aren't taking a huge downgrade to make each trade, you should be fine (and occasionally you will get an upgrade). Repeat then for other positions. If worked correctly, your goal is to face every other team during their weakest week.

What are some of the pitfalls using this theory?


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