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Training Camp Reports - Sneak Peek And A New Wrinkle For You (1 Viewer)

Joe Bryant

Staff member
You folks get first shot.

The Training Camp Reports we do will have the first edition ready later today. It's a monster 30+ page feature that's a pdf download. 

We'll have a new template there that looks tons better. But the format is pretty much the same.

I'll also have the Summary Notes article later tonight where we do bullet points for each team.

But a new feature this year. We broke each team out from the full report into separate articles. So if you only care about a few teams, you can easily jump to them.

Check them out here https://www.footballguys.com/draft-kit#training-camp-reports

You can also get to this from www.footballguys.com then in the main menu bar from TOOLS to Training Camp Reports.

We're trying hard to up our game even more this year for you.

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